18 November 2015

Happy Vertier Thanksgiving!

At 5:30 AM this morning, I awoke to the sound of someone going out the front door, then sweeping.  Totally confused and concerned, I headed out front, only to see Lily, showered and fully dressed, sweeping the front walk.
"LILY!" I mumbled.  "What in the world are you DOING?"

"It's THANKSGIVING!" she breathed.  "I am SO excited I couldn't sleep, and there is so much to do to get ready!"
I think I am raising myself.
We had an awesome Thanksgiving again this year, full of worship and good food, fellowship, no meetings, communion and friendship.
Lily and Sofie, Haylie and Lulu worked their little tail feathers off with me, cleaning and moving and  folding napkins and setting places, and truly enjoyed every minute of it!
We had 38 people today, which has to be some kind of record.
I found lots of pictures from the last 8 Thanksgivings.

love these girls...they are such hostesses!
This little turkey was all business today with so many people passing her around.

Emily led us in worship again this year,
and then we all took turns sharing our favorite passages and quotes about gratitude and a thankful heart.

It was especially touching to listen to the littles read the Scriptures they choose...
Getting everybody around to communion was a little bit like ring-around-the-rosie, but it was a gift to be thankful for the Lord's supper together before our Thanksgiving supper.
We have so many teens now!  Sigh...
Thankful for MFI flying a turkey in yesterday for us, and for all the extra effort it took everyone to have a traditional Thanksgiving meal in a county that doesn't have many traditional Thanksgiving foods!
But this was my favorite part.  The kids all playing in the yard and coming in for cookies, dishes done and tables cleaned, and everyone just hanging out...catching up, remembering, reading books, playing games, telling stories, the guys out looking at the gardens, listening to worship music and to friendship.

Very thankful today for all of the family we all missed so much today....
and very thankful for all of the family we had.

Meanwhile, some more of our family did two baptisms today in Fev!!  See Jorgia? Merlande?  Phida? Walnique? Rujerry?  This picture alone brings me such joy....what a gift to be a daily part of these guys lives as they are a daily part (even on their one day off!) of bringing Christ to other's lives.

THAT's a good Thanksgiving.

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