11 November 2015

Fresh Perspective

Yeah, this is Matty.  And this is his new book.  
After tons of hard work and a lot of dedication in the midst of lots of other hard work and lots of dedication (and lots of little girls :), it is finally finished, it's available for order on Amazon or you can get copies through us, and I'm so proud of him.  

"Mainstream Christianity tends to define salvation excusively in terms of substitutionary atonement (Jesus died for me so that I can go to heaven when I die).  

While this is not incorrect, nor unbiblical, this definition of salvation is incomplete.
Where does Israel fit into salvation?  And what about the convenant?  Most importantly, what about the kingdom of God that Jesus preached fervently?  How do all of these dimensions fit into the bigger picture of salvation?

"Salvation in Fresh Perspective: Covenant, Cross and Kingdom" reminds readers that salvation is not centrally about the believer, but about God and his World Renewal Plan.  Salvation, when properly framed by the entire text that runs from Genesis to Revelation, is not all about me and Jesus, but about God and his plan to renew the creation through the Jewish Messiah and his covenant people.  Salvation in Fresh Perspective seeks to bring back into focus the often forgotten dimension of the great story of salvation.

He and Charles Lake, pastor of 30 years at Community Church of Greenwood in Indianapolis,  are wrapping up their book "Holy is a Four Letter Word : How to Live a Holy Life in an Unholy World"-- a layperson's guide to the doctrine of holiness with focus on Pure, Mind, Body, Will, Self, Call, Love, etc.  We'll be letting you know when that one is out, as well!

Praising the Lord for the awesome opportunity Matt has had to be writing, for this chance to articulate and share a powerful fresh perspective that he is very passionate about, for the joy of finishing, and with the hope that God might be glorified!

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  1. I already ordered my copy and I am so very thrilled, excited and proud of Matt, what a wonderful accomplishment. I can't wait to read it!!

    Love you all....