27 November 2015

a chart to prove us wrong

OK, so you want to know one of the most simple and practical butt-kicks that got me heavy back into His Word this past week?  This chart:

I mean, man alive.

All of my excuses of how incredibly busy I am, how long it takes, etc., fell to the ground.  The book of the Bible that would take the very longest to read (Psalms) could be read in a CAR TRIP.  Here I've been thinking it would take me DAYS, even MONTHS to read just the Gospels, and suddenly I realize I could read them all in a week of only reading about an hour a day.  Here I'm thinking it's hard to find 15 minutes to read, and then I realize I could read like half of the books of the Bible in that much time or less!  

Now I spend a lot of time journalling and re-reading as I meditate on Scripture, but the POINT here is that WE. ALL. HAVE. TIME.  

If we spend an hour in the car, we could listen to entire books of His Word.  If we spend 2 hours watching a movie, we could read hours of transforming TRUTH in that same time.  If I read to the girls for an hour a day, if I do dishes for 30 minutes a day, if I shower for 8 minutes a day, if I spend 30 minutes on FB a day, if I grade papers for a few hours a week, if I feed Nora for an hour every 24...I CAN DO THIS. 

When I read of people who read through the Bible cover to cover over and over in their lives, I am in awe.  I could never do that. 

This simple chart says I could.  

This chart says it is ridiculous that I'm not already.

Pick something that takes you ____ minutes tomorrow, find a book of the Bible that takes that same amount of time, and fill it in.  Do the same thing the next day, and the next...

Then email me in just ONE WEEK and tell me how engulfing yourself in HIS truth, in HIS words, in HIS reality, entirely shaped your week.

Haven't convinced you yet?  I'll be back...

MEANWHILE, here's a few photos from our fun Haitian Friendsgiving last night...
Nora and our turkey were both 12 pounds :)
sharing what we were thankful for...

It was Jodenel and Leme's first Thanksgiving, so that was extra fun :)  They weren't so sure about that sweet potato casserole, or the cranberry...they think maybe things that sweet should only be dessert.

Lily made Turkey glasses for everyone, which the guys were also really excited about :)  Lots of selfies :)

Thankful to have a second day dedicated to being Thankful this year., and for Matt bringing a turkey back from Georgia!

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