06 October 2015


This may be the shortest post I've ever written, but I have to quick praise the Lord.

Without boring everyone to death with more health issues, a serious need for a very specific medication arose today that I'd never heard of.  Couldn't find it.  Couldn't wait the week before the mail plane is coming to have it sent in.  Couldn't do without it.  Couldn't substitute with meds we have access to.  Couldn't hardly bear the pain, couldn't figure out what to do, couldn't imagine what "untreated" was going to be like.  What tomorrow was going to look like.

In a last ditch effort, dug through all our old medicine left behind by visitors, just hoping.  No.  Of course not.  It's a crazy, specific prescription med...probably one nobody in America ever even needs and never would have brought.

Last ditch effort tonight at dinner, I asked Emily if she would look through all of her old left behind by visitor meds, though she was sure she didn't have it.  And I was sure she didn't either.  Praying.

And she did.  

Not in the family of medications that would be better than nothing...Not similar to the name...Not close in dosage...Not expired...Not only three pills left.

No.  She unknowingly had the EXACT prescription medication in the EXACT dosage in the exact number I need, expiring in 2016...that I need.

I took four immediately.  And tomorrow will look VERY different than it was going to.

I'm telling you this, not so that you learn of another nasty painful weird foreign missionary infection...not so that you breath a simple, "Well, God is good all the time!"

I'm telling you this because no matter HOW specific your pain is tonight...no matter how nasty complicated your heartbreak...no matter HOW big your questions feel...no matter how heavy the doubt is...no matter what your fears for tomorrow are...no matter how fear is tempting you NOT to trust...  GOD KNOWS.  HE CARES.

and darn it, HE MOVES.  Does impossible stuff in impossible places.

Like, our lives.

He is not finished in your life, and He will not be overcome.  Our sphere of understanding and wisdom is not THE sphere of wisdom and understanding.  And He is more than able to handle what concerns us today.  He IS handling what concerns us today, with love and righteousness, whether we can see it or not.

His hand is not so short.

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  1. Incredible! Praise God! I pray I will also remember his perfect rule and goodness tomorrow when discouragement or anxiety begins to creep in.