11 October 2015

No matter WHAT we feel--those powerful, sweeping, ever-changing-with-the-tides feelings--there is only one place to even them out, only one place to base them, secure them, overcome them.

Incredibly grateful, whatever we all face today on the outside or simply within, for His Word, lasts forever.

Be broken, O peoples, be shattered.
Gird yourselves, yet be shattered.
Devise a plan, but it will be thwarted;
State a proposal, but it will not stand.

You are not to say, "It's a conspiracy!" in regard to all that this people call a conspiracy!
You are not to fear what they fear, or be in dread of it.

It is the LORD whom you should regard as holy.
HE shall be your fear.
He shall be your dread.

And He shall become a sanctuary.  

I will look eagerly for Him.

Isaiah 8

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