25 September 2015

quick update...

Thank you for your many prayers!  Lily is still not doing well.  We have switched meds and are giving her the weekend to react positively before taking more drastic measures on Monday.  Please be praying with us for her fever to break, her infections to clear up, her mouth sores to heal and for her to start eating again and gain back some energy!  Thank you...

Meanwhile, I cannot tell you how many ways the Lord has continued to resonate the "rejoice in Me always" theme these past few days...powerfully.  He's got this.  Got us.  Got her.  Praise the Lord.

I will keep you posted!  Thank you.


  1. Thanks for the update. She has been popping into.my mind quite a bit and I have been praying for her.
    Also I just listened to that Francis Chan message today. So powerful!