20 September 2015

Holiness above Comfort

After two excellent weeks with three excellent men, Charles Lake, David Dick and Leroy Lindsey are off again.  Our entire Emmaus staff put together has an average age of about 30, so to have some godly men living among us with far more life and ministry experience was a gift to all of us.
And it was a gift to have them in our homes, as well...

We are very thankful.

They are off, the Sleaseman five are on their way here now for the next 6 weeks, and Dr. Joyce Thorton arrives tomorrow to help Matt with accreditation paperwork and process for the next week.

We've had one very sick girl on our hands this weekend...Lily has another serious staph infection, so it's been a few days of searching town for meds, high fevers, draining her hand where the infection has primarily been this time around, and a lot of pain for her.  Nora and Sofie are both sniffy, and so we are laying low, reading lots of books and watching movies and trying to have lots of grace for a lot of not feeling well.  Thank you for your prayers!

So, we had home church today with Pam and the Heckmans, and man.  It's always good, but today's message was just fanTASTIC.  I don't know what Sabbath looked like for you today, but you've got to carve 40 minutes out with your spouse, family, friends or just alone to let Francis Chan and Job explore Holiness above Comfort.  

I'll be blogging more about his message this week...but please enjoy and grow from this today:

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