30 September 2015

Happy Day

Yesterday was Matt's birthday, which was just an easy opportunity to remember how grateful we are for Matt in our lives.  I totally blonded his birthday present, but he was pretty happy just to have his birthday pumpkin pie, that his big day fell on a Taco Tuesday, and to have loved ones to share it with...and for the awesome new Christmas tree the Heckman's got him!
Dahelson loves her anyway :)

Matt's got a lot of girls to take care of...and he does it so well.  Reminds us it's going to be ok.  Reminds us to laugh.  Reminds us of his love...
I also get the unique opportunity to watch my husband at work...every day. Experiencing Christ through him daily is a gift I cherish.
So thankful for Matt in our lives, and for friends to share him with!

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  1. I "blonded" (is that a word?) Anthony's gift this year. It was 4 days after Charlotte's birth but whoa. He's hard to shop for anyway.