02 August 2015

with Joy.

A few days ago, I sent out some very specific prayer pleas to a few dear friends rather desperately...asking that Nora would come on her own and not need to be induced as scheduled for Sunday night...asking for prayers that Matt would be able to be there...asking for strength and courage...asking for help, asking for peace, asking for wisdom, asking for guidance in planning these next few weeks.

Last night as I lay awake with this little-bitty one on my chest following a 3 hour natural labor I never thought I could do, just 24 hours before her scheduled induction, with Matt and my sister there, with Grandpa and Lisa tending our sleeping girls at home...I just had sit quietly in awe of how He works and meets and answers. 
at how He miracles.  
how He plans and times
at what good gifts He gives His children
at how He is faithful
and at how He answers prayer.

Nora, in Hebrew, means Light and Compassion.  As soon as we heard it, we knew that would be Nora's name, praying that it would be exactly her as we step out as Light in the darkness, with compassion.  
But we went over and over again about her middle name.  A little while ago we finally settled firmly on Joy...because as we try to Light and Compassion, He continues to give us Joy...like her.
Trusting that we are all called to BE Light and to SHOW compassion, and that He desires that it be done with JOY.
And what a reminder her birth was of this very idea...what joy, today, to share her with Lily and Sofie and sweet cousin Evie, and to be reminded again that we can Trust.
With joy.  
Very thankful.  I will try not to drown you with pictures these next few days :)

So grateful for Matt being by my side every step of the way and reminding me a million times the past weeks of our Father's great love
so thankful for Dad being here for Nora's coming and playing hard with the girls this weekend (much to their great joy!)
so thankful for Phil and Emily taking over so many of the last details of the big event (just one week away!)
so thankful for Carol getting ready to fly back into Haiti to get the school year started in the finance office

 so thankful for the prayers and support and work of our many dear friends in Haiti
so thankful for my wonderful sister being here and sharing Evie with us and helping with the girls and with Nora and helping me and helping it be possible for Matt to do what he needs to do these next few days
 so thankful for your many prayers and much support as we continue on this journey
so thankful for Nora Joy.


  1. LOVE all the pictures. Especially the girls with Nora Joy. Keep them coming

  2. Wonderful, wonderful news! Congratulations on your sweet baby girl! She's beautiful.

  3. Love love love all the pictures! Can never have too many in my opinion:))
    Love you all dearly! Praying always for each of you.

  4. Congratulations Matt, Stacy, Lily, Sofie and family. Nora Joy is beautiful!

  5. She is beautiful. I love her name.