18 August 2015

waiting with joy

The day started on the phone to Haiti...Junior, the Heckmans and Carol have all safely arrived and started day one today with everything working but the internet, everyone accounted for but a cat or two, and everything brown and ready for rainy season.  

and this happy girl.
These are days of "lasts"...a few last errands, a few last days of air conditioning, a last few days of ice cream, a last chance at grandparent night/date night!

Matt is working overtime teaching his online class at Asbury and getting lots ready for the new school year, so I took the three girls to the pool!

Lily and Sofie made a very dear friend, Bob (some kind of frog) who played with them as hard as he could for as long as he could.  

then...we had to come home so Lily could do a funeral and write this lovely memoir.
When Grammy and Pop-Pop got home from work, they took the eldest two to play with the cousins so we could go on date night, which was SO nice!

The girls, of course, had as much fun as we did :)
Nora slept the entire time...
and we put together three old gift cards to make one full meal at PF Chang's...
Parents of adult children : this is all we ever want for Christmas :)
Got home right in time for Nora's "happy" time of the day...

still no passport.  Trusting.  Waiting.  with joy.

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  1. Glad the "lasts" are going well. Praying for all of you and the passport!