05 August 2015

new baby days

Those new baby days.  Nothing like it.
Especially with sisters.  I never thought about how sweet it would be to simply hear Lily say, "I love you Nora," or to listen to Sofie make up songs and nicknames for her little "No-No".  

Forgot how sweet it is to watch Matt love and marvel her.

and how wonderful it is to share our children with friends!

...and sweet family.

So thankful for the gift of having Nora and the gift of sharing her.

Add in the not as normal stuff from these first days with "our crazy life" as Matt calls it, like 2 trips to the health department, another trip to the hospital and to the post office...all trying (with no quick avail) to expedite her passport process...and it has been a very full few days.  Her doctor's appointment this morning was great (she is up to 6.0 lbs!) and tomorrow morning bright and early, Matt hits the road.

Praise the Lord for my dear sister (and brother-in-law, who continues to do without her!).  

Plans are in the works for a big old weekend.

THANK YOU for your prayers for this event on August 9th, for your prayers for Nora, for your sweet prayers for our family as we transition, for your sweet prayers, period.  

So grateful you pray, so grateful He hears, so grateful He cares...and works.

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  1. Oh how precious new babies are, and oh how wonderful your family of 5 is!! Praying for Matt and everyone as they step forward in faith for this exciting event. Praying God's hand be upon all of you! Much Love.... Lori