23 August 2015

home again

No big issues, no lost luggage, no flight problems, and SO SO good to be home.  Between Phil, Granny, Emily, Junior, Carol, Jodenel, Lucner, Leme, Simeon...I mean, everything is just covered, from our meals this first week to my desk first thing tomorrow morning to even crying baby duty tonight :)

What a GREAT great joy to see so many dear friends, to have so many coming to see Nora (whom everyone is quick to say is a "Ti-Sofia", even those dear friends who are marveling over how very big Madame Matt is.  Yes, thank you.

To watch our girls squeal and run and play (and crash...oh, Sofie).

To hear and see testimony of His faithfulness in the lives of so many.

School starts tomorrow morning and ... it's going to be a busy day.  Lots to follow, but thank you for your safe travel prayers!!


  1. Praise God for your safe travels and safe arrival "home". What wonderful friends HE has blessed you with in Haiti. Praying for the "journey". I love you all so very much and hoild you in my prayers....

  2. Great picture! Glad you are all home safe. Keep cool... I hear it is HOT!
    The Grissom Gang...