26 July 2015

good help.

So Matt's lovely mama came on Friday from Florida (yes, this is his mom and NOT his wife, as several people have now asked us...I'm not sure WHO they think I am :) to help us with the baby.
Of course, that would have worked out better if Nora had ALSO come on Friday to hang out with Grammy, and now tomorrow is her last day :(
We've been trilled to have her nonetheless, and spent yesterday at a butterfly park and garden.

Of course, Sofie couldn't get any of the butterflies to land on her while dozens landed on Lily, but she was quite content once one ran smack into her forehead and left orange butterfly dust on her...  
...which she then wouldn't let us wipe off the rest of the day.
Lily also has a new obsession for knee high socks.  Oh my.

We've had some great family time with Barb, my sister Lisa and our little niece Evie...even if Nora has been missing out!  Continuing to be thankful for friends and family, good health, a healthy baby who will indeed join us one day :),  parks and zoos and pools and places in the States that no one even dreams of at home, and for His unchanging, unaffected-by-plans and schedules Self.   

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