09 June 2015

to continue the list...

so grateful Matt successfully defended something very important today and is on his way to arrive Wednesday, Lord Willing!

so grateful this full month without him is drawing to a close

so thankful for his successful time in England and even the chance to spend the weekend with one of our very favorite visiting professor friends, Miss Pam!
so unbelievably blessed that Thursday marks 10 (TEN) years since Matt and I promised we'd always stick together...even when we're apart
so grateful for homeschooling (with Sonlight), which though it has meant giving up on them sitting perfectly in their chairs or not wearing ballet costumes and though it has increased my dependency on coffee, chocolate and deep breathing exercises (bonus: and the Lord!), continues to be such an enriching blessing to our family
yes, that is the Hebrew alphabet.  They say homeschooling is most successful when both parents are invested :)
so full of gratitude for these two, who remind me daily of His great and unconditional love for His children, 

who teach me to trust that our Heavenly Father gives only good gifts to His children, 

and who remind me that staying on track (like not waltzing in the rain during said homeschool) is not always the MOST important thing.

for new little miracle life, like our tiny new niece/cousin Rory, and the chance to BE here.
to love and enjoy His good gifts
and His weird creations
and the joy of my girls as they mama and realize that they will soon be mama-ing extreme

grateful for Oswalt Chamber's life and continued ministry, and the way God uses him to pack a powerful and practical punch to my life each day

and have I mentioned how grateful we are that Matt is coming home?
on our honeymoon, June 2005

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