28 June 2015


From Philly we drove to Gatlinburg, and met Dad and Cindy, Lisa, Adam and Evie for a nice long weekend of hiking and beautiful mountains!

We may have overdone the hiking a bit for 36 weeks pregnant, but it's been so lovely, both to be in the Rocky Mountains and to be with family!

Girlie has been loving digging into some good dirt.  

None of us can quite perfect the Sofie smile :)

We also took the girls to a dinner theater, and the competitive streak in Lily was SO fun to watch :)

She also managed to lose her very first tooth this weekend, and her smile's so darn cute :)

Thankful for this rare time with Dad, Cindy, Adam, Lisa and Evie, and for a few more memories before Nora joins us!  Now, heading back to Ohio, and then on to Kansas!!
(This picture is from the last time we were in Gatlinburg...can't believe we'll be starting back over with another fuzzy headed baby in just a few weeks!)

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