04 May 2015

on the road again

We are on the road again today, driving from Atlanta to Tennessee to see Aunt Bex's parents for a bit, and then back on the road to return to Columbus tonight.
Upon asking Lily and Sofie what their favorite part of our weekend in Georgia was, they both said that being with so many fun people was just the best, no matter what we did.  And it really was...

We don't have many friendships that span the past 12 years, so getting to live life together for a couple of days is something I cherish.  We've all come a long way, and what a joy to see the Lord still at work, still providing, still leading, still so worthy of our trust.  
Christian friendship is such a deep encouragement.  It was also wonderful to have some good time with our cherished friends Craig and Deb, who have spent good time teaching with us in Haiti and good time with us in the States, as well!  It is always such an unexpected blessing to see the family God continues to provide for our family.

Matt's mama is coming to Ohio to be with us for a few days, and then Matt is off...first to Haiti for graduation and to catch up with our community there, and then on to England for his annual month of residency for his Doctorate.  The girls and I are jealous for his few days at home without us, but that's a big and expensive trip for four people for four days.  We'll be living vicariously from Ohio :)

This is Matt's last residency summer for his doctorate, and he will, Lord willing, defend his doctoral thesis next summer!    

Baby Nora seems to be feeling fine and liking all this ice cream she's been getting :)  We have another appointment next week and then the girls and I will head out East for a bit while Matt's abroad.  

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