20 May 2015

Haylie put these up today and I was so grateful to have some pictures of graduation!!
So proud of this special class!  I continue to be SO INCREDIBLY thankful for Rick and Carol, who are there helping the Heckmans and wrapping up the books for the year...I cannot tell you what a huge stress-lifter and undertaking this represents! 

All the rest of my pictures today are of girlies :)
 They had SO much fun today at Smith Park.
The only time this girlie wasn't charging full speed ahead was when she was joyful in a swing!

Sofie and Lily's first order of business, no matter WHAT we are doing, is, "I'm gonna go make those kids my friends!"

Even with all the friends they're seeking after, I LOVE that their best friend continues to be each other.  I get feeling so badly sometimes that all their American friends are 2 hour friends, that they feel always out of place in both cultures, that there are so few others in the world who understand their ever transitioning world.  And then I hear Lily, in Creole, comforting Sofie over another's slight unkindness and grabbing her hand, (or see them do the same thing in English in Haiti) and I am so thankful they are in it together, and love each other, and have each other, and GET where they are coming from.  
And I'm so thankful to have this little gem in our lives :)  I know she looks so much like her daddy, but so many of her little expressions are Lisa!!  We're all really looking forward to my dad coming in for the long weekend and seeing Uncle Don and Aunt Brenda Sunday!!

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  1. Love my TCK girls! Have a great weekend with your dad.