27 April 2015

very faithful

Today was a very grateful day.  
Uncle Martin and Aunt Sharon were in Indiana and drove over this morning to spend the day with us before flying back to Kansas tonight.  While Lily was quick to point out that this was NOT a "real whole day" and that she really wanted a sleepover and Sofie informed us that Uncle Martin is the silliest fun man in the whole wide world, it was still a very full-heart day with dear friends.  

We live in such continual community at home--going to church together, eating together, working together, planning together, playing together, worshiping together, growing together, experiencing so much together--that it's been hard to transition into such independence in all these areas.  Being with Martin and Sharon reminded us that we still live in precious community, even rather alone, and that enjoying life deliberately along the way is no betrayal to the passion and call He's placed on our lives to live and work and pour out among the impoverished.  

I needed that reminder, and we needed these reminders of friendship these past days. 

He is, continues to be, very faithful.

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