18 April 2015

to camp.

I L-O-V-E camping for so many reasons.
I love the simplicity of it...Matt always jokes that the pioneer days would have fit me far better.  Dirty dishes?  Burn them.  Dinner? Cook it yourself, and it's fun!  Clean the house?  Shake out your tent.  Plan for the day? Hiking. Or talking. Or eating.  Or eating while talking and hiking.

This love of the outdoors and simplicity probably helped over these years in Haiti. 

But by far, my very favorite thing about camping is that NO ONE can get away from you.

It has been suggested before that this is a weird-stalker type thing to love about camping.

But going out in the woods with people you love who are then STUCK with you--can't get away, have nothing else to do, don't have to go to work or run to the store or check emails or head home at the end of the night--ahhhh.  It's the BEST kind of bonding and my favorite way to relationship.

Again, this weird-stalker love has also probably helped over these years in Haiti where we live in community and there is very little else to do :)

What Matt loves about camping this weekend is that it is only 60 degrees at the hottest time of the day.

This love of cold weather has probably NOT helped him over these years in Haiti.
So thankful our favorite camping friends, Carl and Mary, are joining us...grateful that Dad is going to make it out and even Cindy for part of the time, and looking forward to some time stuck with my family...and with marshmallows.

See you on Monday!

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