30 April 2015

on the road

We spent the last 24 hours in Lexington and were so blessed to spend time with good friends and having some great conversations at Asbury University, our alma mater.  Ah...the students look so young :)  Lily finally said, "I just don't understand what is happening here.  Like, are these big kids learning their 1, 2, 3's, or...?  What are they learning?  And why aren't they allowed to live with their parents?  Do they get to SEE their parents?  Is this like jail for big kids who don't know their 1, 2, 3's?"

It's such a beautiful campus and special place to us both!  It was also such a blessing to be with Scott and Lacey...so thankful for their dear friendship, hospitality and to get to be a part of their lives for a bit.

Now we're back on the road to Atlanta, excited about a weekend with our dear friends, Maria and Elisa, and some time with Elisa's family, who have spent good time with us in Haiti and have become 
dear friends as well!  Hopefully Atlanta will be warmer than Columbus :)

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  1. Hey, Lily is sitting in my assigned seat at Hughes Auditorium! Yes, I was there back in the day of chapel checkers and demerits for skipping . . . Glad you had fun in Wilmore