23 April 2015


When I told Matt we could come out of Haiti a bit early this year for a break, I said, "SPRING."

It was 35 degrees today.  Seriously.  You people are NUTS.

Around noon today, Matt says, "So, do I talk about it being hot in Haiti as many times a day as you talk about it being cold here?"


And now he finally understands.  

Kudos to all of you who have continued to get up and leave your house and go to work this winter.  Points to all of you who have creatively and joyfully lived inside with your little ones this winter, unable to escape to the great outdoors, refusing to be driven mad.  Bless each and every one of you who have suffered in silence as I post amazing pictures of the beach.

I. am. SORRY.  

You would think we'd receive more hate mail.

Matt is safely back from Lexington having met with some record number of friends and co-workers in just a few days...he was blessed to be in our stomping grounds, blessed to reconnect with so many and thrilled to wander the halls of our alma mater a bit. All meetings and then some went well!

I am breaking my weird semi-anti-social fast tomorrow and start connecting with friends and family...tomorrow with dear ones from high school, Saturday, meeting up with Rick and Carol before they head to Haiti to relieve John and Dorothy, and Monday, the day with Uncle Martin and Aunt Sharon, followed by a road trip to Atlanta to see more friends and family!


  1. I'm with you, friend, I'm with you. Spring is still not nearly warm enough, but it is approaching more tolerable temperatures. :)

    1. IS IT??? We need to come to Tennessee :) We had FREEZING RAIN today.