11 April 2015

baby shower

Today Lisa, Evie, Sofie, Lily and I picked up Miss Cindy (while Grandpa and Matt went golfing!) and headed to my brother's baby shower.
I am still trying to get my "Evie loves her Aunt Stacey" photo...we're getting closer.  One day this summer!
We girls were all cute and match...but of course that means nobody wanted to take a picture :)
So good to be with my sis.
Evie was also not really feeling the baby shower :)  But Lily and Sofie had a blast and wouldn't mind going to daily baby showers.  
 Today was the first time my brother met Evie, and that reunion was priceless:
He and Megan are expecting a little girl in May.  
We're just layering the girls up, enjoying time with family, and looking forward to an English Sabbath tomorrow.  

We're right at the kick-off of something BIG (everybody needs to STOP guessing twins!  That is not it!  I mean...we don't think so :)

....coming soon!


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