13 February 2015


Everything's hitting at once this year...Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, field retreat!

Tonight we got to double date with our favorite neighbors while Erin, Elida and Jenn threw a Valentine's party for the girls (Thank you!)  Tomorrow we board a bus for the Dominican Republic with 30 people for annual OMS Haiti spiritual spring retreat, and already the streets are full with partying and traffic for Mardi Gras.

Uncle Don gets in right before we get back, and a team from NJ a few days after, and our students are grabbing up their youth groups and kids groups and heading out of town for annual retreats as well, a common custom for churches around Mardi Gras.  All the board games we all own have been loaned out, and students who live too far away to go home are helping other students nurture the younger crowds in their churches these next 5 days.

We're thankful for the way so many in our community are trading in the chance to have 5 days "off" and instead pouring out.

The girls are looking forward to an incredibly long bus ride (kids :) and we are looking forward to someone else doing the cooking and dishes for four days (I am ready to trade in hospitality for a few days!) and being on the beach.  You'd think the beach would be something we would get sick of, but only one of us does :)  Us girls wouldn't mind pitching a permanent tent on the sand and waking up every day to the ocean.
It makes me feel small, and reminds me of His huge.  A good place to dwell.

Will you pray for us, for safe travel and for good time with the Lord and that He might feed us in more ways than Dominican food...for sweet time with our girls uninterrupted with work and visitors, and pray that the Lord will continue to ease my growing stomach.  We are grateful for your family.

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