15 January 2015

off line

After days of trying to get online and sending emails to no avail, today, certain pages are...finally...beginning to open!  Digicel Haiti has been down and is trying to get back up again.  Hopefully all the pictures I've been hoarding will even be able to be shared, soon.

so frustrating :)  We'll see if this posts!

Tuesday, the first day of class for 2015 began with John Juneman with first year, Pam Simpson with second, Larry Lain with third and Bob Petruccio leading our fourth year.  Simeon and Leme and Jodenel are helping, 5 new students began with them (4 of them female!) and things are well underway!  It's been a great start, and it is always so good to have everyone back, be catching up from everyone's breaks and to have the campus full again.

Lily and Sofie are just glad the cafeteria is cranking out their favorite Haitian dishes again.  As Sofie said, "The food Granny makes is just so. much. BETTER."  They are Haitian girls, these two.

Meanwhile, they both headed back to school yesterday and had great first days back.  Such a joy, after all the nerves and tears of the first days last semester, to have them waking up an hour early with excitement and bounding out AND bounding home again with joys and stories this semester.  We are truly blessed with the way God has provided supplemental education (and social and cultural education!) for our girls.

Our visiting professors have been super flexible with countless vehicle issues (involving multiple jumps, switches and night riding in the back of trucks), ever growing classes and surprise preaching opportunities.  We're so thankful for them and thankful they are enjoying their time with our students as much as our students are enjoying them!  Launa, Bob's wife, has been SO helpful in packing up the Weaver house for us, searching out towels and dishes and sheets, helping with the girls, helping with the dishes, helping with food prep.  So thankful.

The only bad news is that Matt is preparing to head out again.  ug.

He is teaching a course for Indiana Wesleyan in Port-au-Prince (yes, despite all the "excitement" in Port these days) which he agreed to do over 6 months ago.  He gets to stay with our dear friends, Greg and Cathie (of which I am quite jealous) and even has Fanfan in his class (who is doing his masters through Indiana Wesleyan in PAP) and I know this will be a great opportunity and partnership with a great program.

I'm trying to not to get despairing about him being gone--when I am feeling so sick I can't even TELL you how much Matt blesses and helps our home and encourages our home.  I am truly uncertain of my ability to get the girls braided and dressed and drive them both to school by 7 and get to work and pick them both up and care for all our visitors when I'm vomiting throughout the morning, afternoon and evening.  Moreso, we all just miss him when he's gone, and when life is so crazy, you need your best friend.  You know.

So, we'll be counting on your sweet prayers, as always.  Thank you...

It's in our weakness, weakness I am so good at these days, that He continues to be ever strong.

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