we need...7!

 I'm just gonna say it : We need some support.

We committed several years ago to put all our funding focus on EBS.  All the speaking, preaching, traveling and support-raising we have done the past 3 years has been all about Emmaus!  

God continues to be so faithful through many of you to help provide the funds needed every day to feed everybody, to pay all the staff, to send out groups with Bibles, to support student ministries and church plants, etc. 

It's exactly as we would have wanted.  And many of you faithful faithful supporters have been vital in God carrying and providing for our family in the background.   THANK YOU. We are so incredibly grateful for you.  Keep on, dear family!

However, with a few donors naturally falling off each year, and without searching out new supporters for our family for several years...we have gotten to a place where we need some help.  We have been and still are completely funded by donors like you.  We are not paid by Emmaus, we are not paid by OMS.  We raise every penny we need for every element of life. 

We need 10 7 (thank you!) families, or small groups, or couples, or individuals, or churches, or businesses to commit to supporting our family $50/month.  Or 20 at $25/month.  Or 5 at $100/month.  You get it.  

 If you have been looking for a place for your tithe or have been feeling led to get more involved or if you are passionate about what God's doing through our family in Haiti (and elsewhere!) or if you simply want to be a part of all that God's doing in His World, we would be so grateful. 

You can support our family through One Mission Society, here.  
You can support our family through Emmaus, here.  

Very grateful.  Living on support with three little girls keeps us constantly reminded and humbled and reliant--it is God who cares for our every need, He who provides, He who calls, He who is faithful. 

One day at a time on his faithfulness, family!

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