As William Carey set out for the mission field of India in 1792, he was ready to face the unknown, ready to preach, ready to obey, ready to go, ready to die. 

"I will go down" he reportedly said to his brothers, 
"if you will hold my ropes."

We have nineteen new students in our first year class, many of them on the front-lines of full time ministry here in Haiti, and they need rope-holders.

Being a rope-holder doesn't only mean helping EBS feed, care for and educate each student.  It also means getting to know your student, committing to pray for him or her, writing to them, hearing from them, encouraging them.  

If your family, small group or church is wanting to get involved in His global kingdom, or if you feel called to actively hold the ropes of a Haitian brother or sister as they share, learn and live the Gospel in Haiti, we greatly need your help.

Please consider joining a first year student--helping with their education and care with a full ($2000/year) or partial scholarship in any amount, persevering in prayer, growing in relationship, and encouraging them as they battle as reconcilers for Christ for the many living in darkness in Haiti.

Email me to find out more, to select a student, or with any questions!


...During the end of my high school, there was so much pressure coming from my family that I become a doctor, so that I could support my siblings.  I told the Lord that I had to go into medicine and asked him what He thought about that.  Right away, I felt that God kept telling me that he wanted me in the Gospel, not in medicine.

I’ve taught Sunday school, I’ve preached in different churches, I’ve worked with kids, I’ve done all kinds of work, but I want to become more equipped to do them.  The Bible says that our big work is to be preaching the Gospel, and that is what I want to be able to do in any kind of work or ministry God calls me to....


...I was afraid classes would be too hard.  I was afraid the work would be too hard.  I was afraid that full time ministry would be too hard.  I was afraid I couldn't take care of my children.  I was afraid that I'd have to step out too much on faith.

But God was still asking me for my praise.  He put His praise in my life, a vision for His kingdom, a realization that the victims of the earthquake were STILL in His hands.  He made me realize that HE was MORE than my lost child, MORE than the people who had died, MORE than my plans and MORE than my fears.

Those realizations He gave me changed everything...


As I was praying and praying before this statue of a dead human, it didn't seem right.  I knew something was missing.  That guy was just a guy like me.  A good man, surely.  But a sinner.  I had been taught at our church that every man was a sinner.  And so here I was praying to a sinner, and a dead one, and a statue, at that.

I wanted something different.  The Haitian Catholic Church tried to do lots of things for me and to make me well, but finally it was a Baptist Pastor who prayed for me to the one true God.  I took part in a big evangelical effort they did, and became a Christian.  Now, I prayed to God, through Jesus. Not a sinner.  And Not dead.  And not a statue.

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  1. Steven MerrickNovember 05, 2014

    Wow, it looks like the heavens opened up just after we left Haiti..... Enjoyed seeing you guys as well as Matt's teaching at the bible study. I'm looking forward to hearing how the mountain evangelism went for those brave souls!
    Steven and Phyllis Merrick
    Lakeway, Texas