Haiti is a beautiful place.

We continue to be stunned after 12 years by how perseverant, how creative, how open and how anxious Haiti is to be your friend. 

That doesn't mean that Haiti is an easy place for anyone to live. She has seen many a dark day, and political instability continues to hinder the Haitian government's ability to meet the basic needs of its people, to resolve long-standing human rights problems, or to address many humanitarian crises.  

But, from the first moments of creation until now, we believe Haiti to be His, and believe her people to be fervently sought after by Him. 

She may not be a lot to look at, sometimes. The world might not have much to say about a place like Haiti.  

But around here, we believe that God doesn't see as man sees.  We're trusting that God looks at the heart...so that's where we working.

You can learn more about the country here:
CIA World Factbook

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